The principal contents of Pilgrim are a series of photographs of Tibet, its people, its community in exile and of the surrounding Himalayan region. The book opens with a forward by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and an introduction by Richard Gere.

The following is excerpted from the introduction:

In the Buddhist view, the greatest ignorance is believing the world exists in the way it appears to exist. From that follows the concept of I and mine. All other evils follow from that. According to Buddhist thought, things do exist, but only conventionally by designation. not powered from their own side, they exist only in dependence on causes and conditions. In other words, we do exist but in a relative way, not in an absolute way. We exist inter-dependently. We are empty of inherent existence. The closer you look , the more you enlarge, blow up, the further away the object becomes, receding into the grain fragmentsÖinto the minutiae of parts and particles. The alchemy of photography is mysterious and unstable.

Fragile, unreal, and indecisive, its component parts of grain shift like smoke in the wind and somehow emerge as an image with only an illusion of beingness.

The purified metals, the platinum and silver in the printing process, and maybe little more than thoughts. Or perhaps scraps of thoughts and feelings. Yearning to be. To connect. Every thought generating a new image, a new universe.

But images are, like dreams, a product of Mind, fulfilling some deep impulse of Mind to communicate with other levels of itself.

To paraphrase Magritte, these are not really Tibetans, these are photographs of Tibetans or rather they are photographs of my feelings for and about Tibetans. Somehow in the alchemy of light, platinum, silver, and grain, I offer the taste of my feelings of love and gratitude for all theyíve given me, which I will never be able to repay.

May all beings, and especially our brothers and sisters in Tibet, be continuously held in the protective embrace of the Virtuous Ones, and may they quickly achieve happiness and the causes of future happiness.